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About Us


Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance Service


The 1982 Consent Decree between AT&T and the United States Department of Justice, which was followed by the 1984 Modified Final Judgment (MFJ), divested Bell Telephone ("Ma Bell") of it regional Bell Operating Telephone Companies. This decree provided the consumer with the widest range and most competitively priced telecommunications services in the world. Unfortunately, this telecommunications divesture has failed to spread any good news about the monthly telephone long distance phone bills the consumer receives.  Consumers find it extremely difficult to locate straightforward information on pricing alone.  Add to that the excessive charges of PICC, USF, and Taxes and you have one confusing mess.  As a final disservice to the customer, today's giant telecommunications companies appear to have adopted the "baffle-them-with-misinformation" approach to answering their customers' questions and concerns.

Before forming our company In 1999, the principals of Union Worker Communications decided to help resolve the many questions that exist, even today, concerning the complex and often confusing telecommunications industry.  Union Worker Communications would become a single source to use by Union business offices and Union workers in their quest to clear up their telecom confusion, to easily find information about Union Worker Communications' premier long distance service, and to offer a simple, single best rate plan without having to sort through a myriad of different rate plans offered by other carriers that are always way too complex, way too confusing, and way too expensive.

As such, Union Worker Communications has been providing high quality, state-of-the-art, leading edge, competitive telecommunications services to Union business offices and Union workers since its inception.

Since each long distance carrier is able to set their own rates, they will often set rates extremely low, and then make their margins on excessive fees, minimum use rates and extra charges, to lure the customer into initially thinking they are getting a great deal.  When the surprise hits after the long distance bill is received, its too late. 

Union Worker Communications, through its services that it offers on a simple, single rate basis for long distance telephone calls, is an international telecommunications broker that provides phone services around the world at a fraction of what you may currently pay.  With Union Worker Communications, you have the freedom to make calls from almost any country to anywhere in the world for very competitive rates, with a simple to understand and simple to use plan.  A Union residential customer or a Union business office can take control of their long distance costs and bypass the expensive rates charged by the local telephone company service providers.

The telecommunication monopolies that existed in many countries for many, many years, has created a rapidly changing and growing telecom market.  Open competition in the United States because of the deregulation of the telephone long distance industry has resulted in long distance telephone rates being reduced by as much as 70%.  Similar reductions are taking place in international long distance.  Wherever rates are being reduced, you can rely on Union Worker Communications to pass along the savings it realizes on these reductions, directly to UWC's Union customers.  

The old adage is never more true today, that larger corporations are slower to move and less responsive to their customers' needs.  In the fast world we are living in today, the world of telecommunications involves ever-changing technology.  This provides new opportunities, however, to save money on long distance telephone calls.  As an independent telecommunication company, we constantly monitor the industry for new and exciting ways to improve our range of the highest quality services, at very competitive prices.  Our goals are to:

  • Always strive for simplicity.

  • Always provide a clear understanding for our Union customers' questions and concerns.

  • Provide unparalleled customer care.

  • Provide the highest quality of global telecommunication services available.

  • Provide competitive rates for the services we provide.

  • Be a source for helping our base of loyal Union customers to untangling the confusion and misinformation about the telecommunications industry.

  • To be driven by what our Union customers need and want.

The communications revolution has only just begun. Over the next few years we can expect enormous changes in technologies, rates and services.  You can count on Union Worker Communications to be your telecommunications partner, at the forefront of the industry, as these new technologies materialize.    

To learn more about Union Worker Communications, please click here so we can answer your questions.

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Calling Cards
You can enjoy UWC's Great Rates from anywhere you are located, by using UWC's calling card to place calls around the world.  These cards are available for all of your family members and all of your business employees.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Calling Card  services.     

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