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Bill Auditing


Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance Service


UWC Audits Find Money Hidden in Your Existing Telephone Bills  

UWC has found that most residential and business telephone bills are inaccurate.  Billing errors are more the rule than the exception.  Of course, most of the inaccuracies are in favor of the telephone and long distance companies.  The sources for these errors are usually:

  • Overlooked contractual discounts
  • Incorrect ratings
  • Overstated quantity of usage
  • Billing for out of date and canceled services
  • Use of incorrect billing codes and tariffs
  • Identification of incorrect, obsolete and duplicate charges
  • Typographical errors
  • Identification of charges not associated with specific services
  • Discovery of incorrect services billed that are not being used by the customer.
  • Mileage calculation inaccuracies
  • Detection of incorrect taxes, surcharges, Universal Service Fee (USF) charges and other fees and expenses billed to the customer.

Through UWC free telecom services auditing of your telephone and long distance bills, you will be provided with the following services:

  • Identification of errors in your telephone bills
  • Assistance with the recovery of money due to you from the various service providing companies
  • Auditing coverage for:
    • Voice
    • Data
    • Long distance calls
    • International calls
    • Cellular
    • Pager
    • Calling cards
    • Other telecommunications services
      • Interpretation of highly technical tariff and contract compliance
      • Negotiation with suppliers of services for reimbursement for over-billings
      • Elimination of out-of-date and duplicate services
      • Follow-up consistently with the phone to ensure that they actually issue the credit that are due and make the charges are requested. 

To use UWC's free auditing service, simply send us a copy of your most recent local phone and long distance bills:

Via U.S. Mail:   

UWC Inc.
Post Office Box 11
Ada, Michigan  49301-0011

Via Fax:

Toll Free, to 1-800-519-1550

Via e-mail:

Click here to e-mail and attach your scanned bill images 

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Toll Free Service
Check out UWC's Simplicity Great Rate Toll Free Service.  It is a great way to call back to your home and/or business, and it is much cheaper than using a calling card or placing a collect call.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Toll Free calling services. 

Calling Cards
You can enjoy UWC's Great Rates from anywhere you are located, by using UWC's calling card to place calls around the world.  These cards are available for all of your family members and all of your business employees.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Calling Card  services.     

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