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Calling Cards


Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance Service

For Union Business Offices and Union Member Residential Services


UWC's comprehensive portfolio of Calling Card services provides features including automated conference calling, message store and forward, call re-origination and speed dialing.  With calls traveling over our fully lit broadband, crystal clear, fiber-optic network, UWC offers seamless voice connectivity for all of your residential and business calling card needs. 

  • Applications
    • Domestic Termination - calls may originate in the United States and terminate to the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Canada. 
    • International Termination - Calls originating from within the United States can terminate to more than 300 locations worldwide.  Scripting and support can be provided in multiple languages. 
  • Benefits
    • Toll-Free Access Number - We provide residential and business customers
      with a unique toll-free number, allowing calls to be placed from anywhere in the United States.  
    • Authorization Codes - Fourteen-digit authorization codes are provided for access to the calling card platform.  The codes, which include a four-digit personal identification number (PIN), are available as randomly generated or can be customized with some restrictions.
    • Voice Menu - We provide voice prompts for easy-to-follow dialing instructions.
    • Speed Dialing - Allows the cardholder to select and maintain a menu of up to ninety nine frequently dialed phone numbers. 
    • Re-origination - Once the dialing party has entered the calling card platform by providing a valid authorization code, multiple calls may be placed without
      re-entering the authorization codes or redialing the toll-free access number.
    • Automated Conference Calling - Includes up to six additional dialed numbers on a completely automated conference call. 
    • Message Store and Forward - This feature allows the dialing party to record
      a message to be delivered to the dialed party at a later time by the calling
      card platform.  The message can be delivered immediately, or at a specific time within ninety six hours.
    • Automated/Live Operator Assistance - Allows cardholders to complete calling card calls via an automated menu system, with the assistance of a live operator, or a combination of both.
    • Live Directory Assistance - Allows cardholders to reach directory assistance
      via an automated menu system to obtain directory listings.
    • Account Code Service -  UWC offers validated and unvalidated account codes, allowing customers to track and manage calling card usage. 
    • Originating and Terminating Restrictions - Enables call restriction for origination by NPA (Area Code), NPA-XXX (Area Code and Exchange), state, international country code and day or week. 
    • Customer Control - Our automated calling card batch utility system enables the management of calling card services by providing an interface to facilitate order processing and response verification, as well as automated encryption and decryption.
    • Fraud Control - UWC is dedicated to controlling fraud to maintain the integrity of our services, including our customers' calling card service.
    • Customer Satisfaction - Delivering world-class customer satisfaction, we lead the industry in total dedication to Customer Care. 

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Six Second Billing
Six second billing increments can save you an average of up to 23% per long distance call when compared to other calling plans.  To learn more about UWC's billing increments and other features of our Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance service, Click here.  
Calling Cards
You can enjoy UWC's Great Rates from anywhere you are located, by using UWC's calling card to place calls around the world.  These cards are available for all of your family members and all of your business employees.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Calling Card  services.     

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