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Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance Service


Our mission is to allow access to all of our resources, which provide our customers with:

  • Added value for their telecommunications investments.
  • Leading edge professional service and customer care.
  • Innovative, comprehensive solutions for any telecommunications requirement.
  • In-depth product and technical knowledge through our many years of experience and expertise.
  • Continuing education to keep our customers at the forefront of their businesses.
  • A personal commitment to address any concern, solve any problem and provide assistance for all telecommunications needs.
  • Unrivaled telecommunications tools and solutions to deliver a growing wealth of benefits.
  • Complete audit, analysis and consultation of existing telecommunications expenditures against current tariffs to ensure competitive, efficient and effective investments of our customers' telecommunications dollars.               

We accomplish this mission through our beliefs that:

  • People make the difference.    
  • Quality is essential.  
  • Excellence is a way of life. 

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Toll Free Service
Check out UWC's Simplicity Great Rate Toll Free Service.  It is a great way to call back to your home and/or business, and it is much cheaper than using a calling card or placing a collect call.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Toll Free calling services. 

Calling Cards
You can enjoy UWC's Great Rates from anywhere you are located, by using UWC's calling card to place calls around the world.  These cards are available for all of your family members and all of your business employees.  Click here to learn more about UWC's Calling Card  services.     

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