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Simplicity Great Rate Long Distance Service



Service is provided and billed on a month-to-month basis. Start of service is the date the customer accepts service through Union Worker Communications, Inc. (UWC).  Usage charges for services are billed in arrears.  Fixed monthly recurring and non-recurring charges are billed in advance.  Billed charges include applicable local, state, and federal taxes and surcharges.  The rate plan is available to customers who have a local dial tone provider who allows equal access long distance service.  Customers who have a local dial tone provider that does not provide equal access long distance service may be billed at different rates.


General Account and Payments  

Payments are due in full upon receipt of the billing statement (invoice) or by the payment due dates on the invoice (twenty days after the invoice date), whichever is later.  Payments not made within thirty days of the billing date will be considered past due.  A late fee of $5.00 or 1.5% of the outstanding balance due (18% per annum), whichever is greater, may be added to all past due accounts.  Accounts which repeatedly remain in a past due status may be subject to a rate increase. Service may be terminated if full payment is not received within forty five days after the invoice date.  If service is terminated, ALL services may be deactivated and a termination fee may be assessed.  The termination fee will be the greater of $25.00 or 10% of the total account balance due, whichever is greater.  Accounts which remain past due sixty days after the invoice date may be placed in collections status.  The customer further agrees to pay any and all costs incurred by UWC in enforcing these terms and conditions.  These costs will include reasonable attorney and collection fees, court costs and costs of appeal.  An administrative fee will be charged to the balance if the account is placed into collections status.  If a payment is returned unpaid for any reason by the customerís bank, a payment return fee will be charged.  The payment return fee will be $25.00 plus the cost of the processing fee from the UWCís bank.  Customer must provide UWC notice of any disputed charges in writing within thirty days after the invoice date. If UWC is designated as the customerís primary interexchange carrier (PIC), the customerís lines must be capable of accepting UWCís designated PIC for their long distance service.  The customer will be responsible for the payment of all charges incurred prior to activation of a new PIC.  Customer holds UWC harmless and assumes full responsibility for any and all calls, authorized or unauthorized, that are placed via subscribed equal access lines, toll-free lines or placed with a calling card.  The customer is also financial responsible for all data customer enters into the service order form, and the verbal or written correspondence to UWC, including incorrect information and telephone lines. Customer remains financially responsible for all charges incurred until such time as:

       ▪ service to any and all telephone lines has been removed by UWCís underlying carriers;
       ▪ until written notification of the removal request has been received by UWC.   

Customer understands that the local telephone company may assess a service charge for each line changed to the carrier selected by UWC for which the customer will be responsible.  Customer understands that all rates, plans, billing increments, minimum call lengths, service fees and taxes are subject to change, with written notice to the customer.  UWC makes every effort to update its customers with regard to such rates and fees when changes occur due to wholesale price increases or state or federal mandates.  Customer understand that if a rate and/or fee increase is encountered that are in conflict with UWC published rates and fees, UWCís published current internal price list or state tariff, if applicable, will govern.  A current price list is always available upon request.  Customer may request all rates in writing from UWC at any time.  Once a customerís order for service is submitted, UWC may require that a credit check be performed.  Should any customerís order be rejected due to negative information received from UWCís credit agency, the customer will receive a written notification.  If a customerís usage pattern increases drastically, or if credit issues prevail, UWC may require that an impress balance deposit be made by the customer in order for UWC to continue to provide service.  Accounts which repeatedly remain in a past due status may be subject to a rate increase.     

Calling Cards 

Customer assumes full responsibility for security of their calling card numbers (card numbers) and access codes (PINís).  Customer is responsible for any calls made on their assigned access numbers and access codes.  Customer understands that if the calling cards are tampered with, compromised, lost or stolen, the customer assumes full responsibility for usage until UWC is notified of the undesired usage.  Customer agrees to maintain strict security over customerís calling card usage on the UWC network.  UWC reserves the right to change access numbers and codes upon notice to the customer.  Customer must report lost/stolen cards to the customer care department immediately.  Customer assumes all liability for fraudulent usage of any UWC product, including calling cards.

International Service 

Customer understands that the customerís telephone lines will be and/or are activated for international calling.  Customer understands that if the customerís telephone lines are tampered with, compromised, lost or stolen, the customer assumes full responsibility for usage until UWC is notified of the undesired usage.  Customer assumes sole responsibility to notify UWC of any changes in international status regarding telephone usage.  Customer agrees to maintain strict security over customerís lines and long distance usage on the UWC network.  International call types [mobile, non-geographic number (NGN) and landline] are designed by foreign phone companies are not under the control of UWC.  Customer understands that international call types [mobile, non-geographic number (NGN) and landline] are not disputable by the customer nor will UWC re-rate international calls. 

Limitations of Liability

Customer understands UWC will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide services, but UWC makes no guarantee that services will be provided and assumes no liability, direct or indirect, for interruption of service.  Customer acknowledges that UWC shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, incidental or other damages whatsoever arising from any failures, interruptions, delays, errors or deficiencies of service, facilities or equipment provided by UWC, or its suppliers, vendors, affiliates, partners and subsidiaries pursuant to any service order placed by the customer with UWC.  Since damages would be difficult to determine if the customerís service is disrupted or otherwise negatively affected, the customer agrees to accept as liquidated damages, ten ($10.00) dollars for each month in which service is disrupted or otherwise negatively affected.  

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By submission of a service order to UWC, customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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